Bioshock Inspired Plasmid Posters - Created by Dylan West

These posters and more are available for sale at Dylan’s Etsy Shop.


Citizen - print 5/5



I literally can’t stop taking pictures/staring at my belly.

Damn Sammy


Title Fight - No One Stays At The Top Forever (x)


The summer wind tucked me. 
I tossed all night. I couldn’t sleep through. 
The days are warm, I hate this. 
I started into the wall, I couldn’t see you.


I feel cute for the first time in like three months.

Disengage.06.06.14.New Bedford, Massachusetts.
So I think I posted these a few months back because they were the “lost” Disengage photos, but this was the first chance I actually had to scan these. For some reason, these two photos never got processed when I dropped them off for developing. Few cool facts about these photos though. This was the first and only show that Kenny played drums for them, and basically played the songs from memory because he’d never practiced with them. This was also the first show that Justin “officially” played guitar for Disengage. They also have a new record coming out on Youngblood Records very soon.